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Do I Really Need An iPhone Dock?

Probably not. But I’m still using it.

I’ve used the Elevation Dock with Lightning Adapter for a couple of weeks now. Using the dock for another week really hasn’t done much to improve my opinion of the gadget.

It is easier to put the phone in the dock than to directly plug in the lightning cable. On the other hand it is much easier to disconnect the cable than to undock the phone. I’m not sure how to weigh these two facts against each other. At best it is a wash.

Right now I’m mostly continuing to use the dock because I like the way it looks. I suppose I will continue to use the Elevation Dock until I either find something better or get frustrated enough with the undocking procedure to decide to go dock-less.

Or I may actually try some kind of adhesive to attach the dock to my night stand. That seems like a really bad idea, right?