My name is Heath Anderson.
This is my website.


phpYoutubeDLWebUI, a fork of Youtube-dl-WebUI-QNAP, is a small web interface for youtube-dl. It is designed to be used on a QNAP NAS, but should work anywhere youtube-dl, FFmpeg, and PHP can run; however, I would cation against running it outside of your local network. You can download or fork from GitHub.

screen capture of the web app running


  • Options can be set in the web ui:
    • download folder location
    • progress log folder location
    • require authenication / set password
    • youtube-dl options:
      • --format
      • --output
      • --proxy
      • --merge-output-format
      • --ffmpeg-location
      • --add-metadata
      • --write-info-json
      • --write-thumbnail
  • Download runs in background
  • Videos can be deleted
  • Videos can be downloaded from the server
  • Dark mode based on prefers-color-scheme media query