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Updating Static Assets for Your Pleroma Instance

What files can you override? As far as I know anything in the develop/priv/static/ directly can be overwritten by placing a file with the same name in the /var/lib/pleroma/static/ directory on your server. So if you need to change your favicon, terms of service, or robots.txt that's where you'll need place your updated files.

Notable files you may want to replace:

index.html notes

File to create:


If you need to embed something like Google Analytics or umami analytics you can copy the existing static/index.html and add whatever script or html you want. It is very possible you'll need to redo this whenever you update Pleroma.

If you are adding resource from another domain you may need to either set up a proxy or change the content security policy for your server. Pleroma will set a content security policy that will block loading from other domains if http security is set to true.